I highly recommend the Anakalia Adult care home. The care is excellent and the people are very trustworthy. They serve as strong advocates for your loved ones.My mom was very ill and needed 24/7 care. The always treated her with love and respect. We were so lucky to find a place that could provide such wonderful care. I will always be grateful.

Monica Egan

I found George to be very personable and also wise and knowledgeable. The home is lovely with nice sized rooms. I am impressed by the number of caregivers (4) available most of the time. This is also a most hospitable home.

Nancy D.

My mother was admitted to this facility on short notice. They took her in immediately and were very accommodating. The facility was clean, bright and cheerful. The meals were very nutritious and aided my mother’s health condition with diabetes and other health issues when it became necessary. They were knowledgeable about state regulations and were very willing to work with us on many levels of healthcare. They were also willing to provide transportation to and from her appointments. The caretaker literally saved my mother’s life on a couple of occasions and took extremely good care of her. I would recommend this facility to anyone with a loved one needing extra care that cannot be provided by an assisted adult care center.

Elizabeth Grey

Overall experience with the staff has been very positive, proactive, providing all the care that Ellen needs. She the happiest she has been in years here. Facilities are top notch too. We all feel like we are treated as family.

Jeff Monroy

My wife, Ingeborg, was accepted by Anakalia Estate in May 2012 and was cared for there until her death in September 2012. Prior to her residency my daughter and I toured several other care homes, and feel very fortunate we chose Anakalia Estate. I spent many hours visiting there and was very impressed and satisfied that Ingeborg was as comfortable and content as her physical condition would allow. The facility met and exceeded all expectations, but, as well, the staff offered her sincere affection which was so vital to her well-being. The pleasant time that Ingeborg, members of Anakalia family and me spent together resulted in her comfort and provided me with assurance she was well cared for during her residency.

Robert Hall

This is a five star place - Mom loves them and the location. It is very clean, happy, great food all home cooked; outstanding views and they really care for my mother. They are more attentive to my mother than the Dr or Hospice. I would refer everyone to place their loved ones here

Barbara Malcom

Having a loved one at Anakalia Estate is like having them in the home of one of your favorite family member’s. The care provided by this family to our mother is without a doubt better than the care my own family could have provided in our home. In these busy times when most of our schedules are already filled with work, kids, grand kids and other things it is difficult to take on the full time care a parent or loved one may need. My mother was in a larger assisted living environment prior to being moved to the Anakalia Estate. In that residence there were so many care givers rotating in and out that it was difficult to even remember most of their names. At Anakalia Estate your loved one gets the same friendly, patient, knowledgeable, loving, people to care for them every day. I found myself visiting my mother more often, in part because of the friendly home like environment provided. If you find yourself in the position of seeking out an assisted living environment for a loved one, I highly recommend the Anakalia Estate. This family of care givers will not only be taking care of your loved one, but you too will be made to feel like part of their extended family.

Don Gsell

As a CNA hospice aide who regularly visited many memory care facilities, this facility I the best I've ever been to. The environment itself literally feels like you're at home, and I can tell that is the exact same way all the residents there felt. On top of that the staff is kind hearted, generous, and welcoming and most importantly loving.

Mark S.

My mother lived at Anakalia Estate for just over a year. She was a part of the family the first day she went to live there. The care Mom received while she was there was great. They cared about her as a person and wanted the best for her always. They also cared about me and my family, we were always welcome anytime we would come. When Mom had her 89th Birthday, we had about 12 family members there for a party for her and they more than welcomed us there! Although Mom could not speak because of the stroke she had 4 years prior, we knew that she loved all of them too. George, Nina, Michael and Andreea are all terrific people and we continue our friendship with them. I would highly recommend the Anakalia Estate for anyone looking for a place for their loved one to live if they are unable to care for them.

Carla Jones